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Amigagames.com, gone forever

The Amiga Gamers Community.

AMIGAGAMES.COM is the Amiga gamer’s forum!

The friendly Amiga forum, discussing old and new Amiga games with the occasional game from the other platforms. Classic Hardware or UAE, all are virtually equal on this forum.

The most unobtrusive moderation of any forum I visit to the point where topics were started discussing the whereabouts of the moderator Hellion, Is he dead??

Site Features:

Forums, Games general amiga and off-topic dicussions

Radio, 24 hour game and demoscene music

Brutal Stats:

Link added: 1st July 2006

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Please let me know what you think...
Brutal - mihcael#hotmail.com
Last Updated - Wednesday the 18th of January, 2017
Started - Saturday 31st of December, 2005
Mike n Dezign

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