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Welcome to Brutal's Amiga Links Site

A collection of Amiga links that i have come across and think might be useful to someone! There are links for all amiga flavours. Classic, OS4, MorphOS, AROS and the rest.

Links in databse: 220

Featured Site

Aminet - Latest packages, last 14 daysZeb's Amiga Downloads
AIAB - the UAE friendly Workbench distributionA.D.A. Amiga Demoscene Archive
SpaceballsAmigaRemix 2005 - The place for Amiga Game and Dem
Amiga Future :: Home Every Amiga Game Ever Released - An Amiga Games Da
demodulate - a demo music collection WINUAE
Amiga Music Collection 2009 Edition MilkyTracker News
The Mod Archive -
Back to the Roots - Amiga Culture Directory ProjecHannes robotriot Drexl - Digital Artist
MobyGames: Game Browser AmiKit - turns your PC into high-end classic Amiga
Lemon Amiga - Games, Community & Nostalgia!
Amiga SFS Downfall the Game
AROS: Amiga® Research Operating SystemWHDLoad Support Page V2English Amiga Board - Powered by vBulletin
CAPSDI: CAPS Distribution Initiative ::: ::: Commodore - Amiga - GameMuse
AMOS FACTORY Lemon Amiga - Amiga games, Amiga reviews, retro ga
Vesalia Computer - Amiga Vendor and Distributor Recorded Amiga Games - News
HOL - the database of amiga games - - Daily news, rumours and comments
PSPUAE AMI Sector One - News
The A - Z of Amiga GamesExoticA : Amiga music, games and information.
Equinox Official Site - Amiga Demos, Music and Gra:: :: - Amiga Community - Latest Amiga News :: your online demoscene resource
Amigan Software: Main - amiga addicts sanctuary
GAUHPIL Database: All - The site for Amiga support and news - i AMIGA Amiga Music Preservation - Home
Hively Tracker Amiga Magazine Rack - The ultimate Amiga magazines
x86 Amiga - Amithlon / AROS LinksAmiga History Guide
[Software Preservation Society] mazemod
Maxwell Mouse

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AskAmiga is a site for newcomers, power users and developers of any and all software and hardware related to Amiga OS, its derivatives and its hardware platforms.
172 20th Mar 16

Maxwell Mouse
Remainder Software are pleased to announce the release of the demo of Maxwell Mouse. Its a flip-screen platform/adventure game with influences from Dizzy and old 8-bit platformers.
584 11th Jan 15

Personal Paint (PPaint)
New PPaint 7.3 for AmigaOS 3.x (Download).
1362 2nd Dec 14

Lemon/EAB Super League
Amiga Games Competition. Each month we play a classic amiga game as chossen by the members and compete for the utlimate glory of being the LemonAmiga vs EAB Super League Champion
969 13th Apr 13

Sam Coupe, Retro game development
Black Jet specialise in Retro game development on older platforms and hardware, such as the Sam Coupe, Amiga, and in the future, more retro platforms.
1079 13th Apr 13

AMIGA ASM- & HW-coding
This is a site about coding on the worldfamous Amiga computer from the 80s. Back in the days when resources on a computer were scarce the Amiga was a shining bright star on the horizon of computers.
1080 2nd Apr 13

Fitzsteves Amiga World
Welcome to my Blog, this is my journey in Retr0 Computing. Here I will share with you my Amiga projects and Games Console collection. Since the age of 5 when my parents bought an Atari 2600 Ive been
1335 21st Feb 13

Amiga Gamer
The latest Amiga game news, reviews and opinions.
1875 20th Oct 12

We Are Back
WAB, a website that is brining back classic Amiga intros in form of HTML5 and JavaScript conversions. There are 77 pure html conversion online that are sure to bring back some memories.
1459 22nd Sep 12

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English Amiga Board - Powered by vBulletin
Amiga Forums
15682 1st Jul 06

AROS-Exec - News
AROS Developer Forum. AROS-Exec - No schedule n rocking
10203 2nd Jul 06 - The site for Amiga support and news
Originally started as an online BBS, we began planning the transition to the Web in mid 1994. domain name was awarded on April 26th, 1995.
6397 1st Jul 06

Lemon Amiga - Games, Community & Nostalgia!
A warmhearted place dedicated to the Amiga computer. We bring the classic days back into the spotlight with a forum and a library stuffed with games.
5567 1st Jul 06 - Amiga Community Portal
One of the most popular Amiga sites on the internet Today, services offered include news, forums, Regular Q&A sessions , Internet Radio and much more.
5166 1st Jul 06

Aminet - Latest packages, last 14 days
Aminet is a set of interconnected WWW and FTP servers hosting freely distributable Amiga software. The total size of the archive will soon reach 30GB.
4313 1st Jul 06 - Latest Amiga News
Started in 1998, is a german site with versions for other languages, English Site listed
4048 1st Jul 06

Recorded Amiga Games - News
Here you will you find speedrun, longplay and highscore videos of Amiga games and more.
3826 1st Jul 06
The idea here is simply to bring together the means to play classic Multiplayer Amiga games with other people online, and hopefully to also bring together a few of the people who want to do so!
3626 14th Jan 07

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